Nice to meet you!

We are a husband and wife team (Mark & Natalie) who are passionate about people, creativity, and helping others tell their story. Whether that’s through photos, website design, logos, or product styling- we want to help you or your brand be all it can be. We also love capturing the beautiful, fleeting moments of life and preserving them for you, for forever! If you have an event, a special moment, a wedding, etc. that you want creatively & beautiful photographed, The Finding Co. can make that happen!
Mark’s Intro: I make up one side of this business we’ve starting and can’t wait to meet you. I have a background in design, audio/visual production, and brand development. For the last few years I’ve been freelancing and working with churches and small businesses to help them create a better brand & teaching them how to tell their story well. I love third wave coffee, traveling & meeting new people, and a good ol’ slice of pizza. Can’t wait to hit the ground running with your project!
Natalie’s Intro: Hey! I’m the other half of The Finding Co. and I love getting to help bring all your creative visions and special moments to life. I provide photography, design, and styling to our business. I love coffee dates, natural light, snuggling up on a rainy day watching movies, and planning/hosting events. I can’t wait to meet you and chat about your specific needs for your business, event, or big day!